Keeping Weeds Under Control

Post-Emergent vs Pre-Emergent

Arizona has sunshine nearly all year long, which makes it a happy place for weeds to grow.

When to spray is also based on the temperature and amount of rain we’ve had. If we’ve had an above-normal amount of rain occur during late summer/early fall, you may already see some weeds in your yards.

If you see weeds, the process would call for Post-emergent treatment, which means that the material kills the weeds that have come out of the ground. The material is absorbed through the leaf and stem and is drawn into the root which causes the weed to die.  Pre-emergent means treating the weed seed when it is still in the ground germinating. Near the end of winter, you’ll need to have preemergence sprayed again when it starts to warm up and before any germination.

Our Goal to our Clients

We, at George Pest Control can help you with your home and/or business by removing stubborn weeds from your property and landscape. Our technician will inspect the property and discuss a treatment plan to fit your expectations. We understand that the visual impact of the exterior of the home and business is essential to our clients. For this reason, our goal is to access the property and get to work immediately.

Our technician will kill unwanted weeds so that your landscape can preserve the beauty it deserves, weed-free. Being in business for over 30 years has gained us the knowledge and skillset to know when and how to remove unsightly weeds. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Our Promise to our Clients

If we have sprayed your landscape for weeds and after 6 months you have a reoccurrence of them, a technician will return to your home or business and respray. All you have to do is call to schedule a call back visit and we will eliminate those stubborn weeds. 

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